Memorial Plaques

These plaques in the library and on the library grounds have been given in
memory of Friends of the Library who have passed away.

Pat Ballou

A transplant from the Dakotas, Pat made the West River Valley her home for many years and she embraced it wholeheartedly. Naturally cheerful, she gave her energy freely. She loved to read — mysteries especially — and was enthusiastic in her recommendations. Pat’s Moore Free Library patronage was generous. We all benefited from her friendship and continue to miss her regular visits. The plaque dedicated to Pat is on a bookcase that showcases her favorite genre — mysteries. (By Judy Acomporra)

Sigrid Blazej

Our very own Swiss Miss, Sigrid was a stalwart foundation of community events, never failing to volunteer her time, energy and famous baking skills. I picture her standing alone at a charity booth, in the rain, holding the fort for the benefit of one or another of our community organizations. A faithful Friend of the Moore Library for many years, and the regular bringer of fresh flowers from her garden, she is missed. Sigrid was what one would call “retiring”. She did not force her personality on anyone, but her quiet demeanor could turn to hearty giggles when she found humor. Romance novels were the favorite of Sigrid’s. The plaque bearing Sigrid’s name is outside in front of a lovely bush. (By Judy Acomporra)