Saturday August 25, 1 p.m.

Dennis Waring will present “From Trash to Tunes ”

Using a wide array of instruments, indigenous and homemade, Waring weaves fun fascinating tales of the origin of music and how all cultures through time utilized their natural environments for making fantastic sound-making devices. Evocative instruments like the bull roarer, mouth bow, animal horn, sea shell trumpet, and bamboo flute, for instance, are universal in range. The most distinctive characteristic of Waring’s show is that he has made  most all the instruments he demonstrates. Each instrument, either because of its particular sound, design idea, or special symbolic dimension, has its own special story.

This program is a demonstration/performance of almost fifty handmade/ homemade musical instruments based on ideas and inspirations from around the world. Interesting sights, sounds and stories provide the audience with new awareness into folklore, music, craft, science, and world view.” From Trash to Tunes ”  is a free program  for all ages and makes a great family event.  For more information call Librarian Meris Morrison at (802) 365-7948.